Dig with Authority!

Branson Loaders are designed with the operator in mind. It is easy and quick to attach and detach them from the tractor. Loaders are powered by the tractors’ hydraulics, no need to struggle hooking up an auxiliary hydraulic pump.

Maximum Lift Height 103.8 in
Clearance with Attachment Level 97.3 in
Clearance with Attachment Dumped 79.0 in
Reach at Maximum Height 26.0 in
Reach with Attachment on Ground 67.3 in
Maximum Dump Angle 44 degrees
Attachment Rollback Angle 24.5 degrees
Digging Depth Below Grade 1.9 in
Overall Height in Carry Position 47.7 in
Depth of Attachment (to back of inner shelf) 23.7 in
Height of Attachment 22.1 in
Depth of Attachment (to pivot pin) 29.1 in
Lift Capacity to Full Height 2100 lbs
Breakout Force 3531 lbs
Relief Valve Setting (loader control valve) 2489 psi
Lift Cylinders 2.1 x 17.9 in
Bucket Cylinder 1.9 x 15.4 in
Bucket Specification 67 in

Compatible Tractors




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