Dig with Authority!

Branson Backhoes are designed with the operator in mind. It is easy and quick to attach and detach them from the tractor. Backhoes are powered by the tractors’ hydraulics, no need to struggle hooking up an auxiliary hydraulic pump.

Thumb kits available as an option.

Digging Depth 91.2 in
Reach from Center Line of Swing Pivot 123.6 in
Loading Height 90 in
Swing Arc 180 degrees
Transportation Height (maximum) 85.2 in
Transportation Overhang 46.8 in
Bucket Rotation 149 degrees
Bucket Standard 16 in
Stabilizer Spread (downward position) 88.8 in
Stabilizer Spread (upward position) 68.4 in
Undercut 31.2 in
Bucket Cylinder Digging Force 4,554 lbs
Dipperstick Cylinder Digging Force 2,530 lbs
Shipping Weight (less bucket) 1,340 lbs
Hydraulic Pressure Requirements 2,346 psi
Recommended HP Requirements 30 – 45 HP

Compatible Tractors

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