About Branson

Branson Tractor was founded in the US in 1998 as a tractor distribution company.  Kukje Machinery in South Korea is their parent company and has been in business since 1968.  Branson Tractor now has 165 dealerships in the United States and Canada.
Branson Tractors has three warehouses.  The Rome, Georgia location not only has a warehouse, assembly and distribution center, it is also the Corporate Office.  Another warehouse, assembly and distribution center is located in Plainview, Texas and North Plains, Oregon.
Branson Tractors has tractors ranging in horsepower from 19 to 80.  The 05 series has the 1905H tractor with 19 horsepower. The 00 series tractors have 2 models available with manual transmission or hydrostatic transmission.  The 10 series has the 2510h model available with hydrostatic transmission and a 3 range shift. This tractor has 25 horsepower. The 15 series has 8 models available in manual and hydrostatic transmission with 30, 35, 40, and 48 horsepower. Their 20 series tractors have 12 models with a choice of manual or hydromax transmission, and ROPs or CAB  available with air conditioned and heated cabs.  There is also a model available with a cab and heat only for the Northern States. The 25 series has 8 models available in manual and hydrostatic transmission with ROPs and Cab models with horsepower of 37 & 42.  The 7845 model Branson Tractor is available in ROPS or Cab models.  And the 8050 finishes off the models.  Each model has a loader and backhoe available as well.
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